New Nonfiction by the Author of War Boy


In a quest that spans decades, Kief Hillsbery finds the surprising answer to the mystery of an East India Company clerk who went missing in British India.

‘There are travellers who can't write and writers who can't travel. Fortunately for his readers, Kief Hillsbery can do both. Part travelogue, part family memoir, The Tiger and the Ruby is a fine and moving tale, sensitively explored and beautifully written.’

- Justin Marozzi

‘…makes achingly vivid how difficult it was to escape one’s preordained class and societal expectations in Victorian England… Great details abound, both from historical accounts and from Hillsbery’s own trips… Marvellous insights into the British in India… This has a narrative sweep reminiscent of Christopher Hibbert’s social histories.’

- Booklist, starred review

Published in the USA on July 25 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Published in the UK and Commonwealth on 27 July by OneWorld

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